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Busted interrogation bdsm

gags bdsm
Year: 2002
Country: USA
Genre: BDSM
Length: 00:51:26
Directed ~ dint of.: Jack Banner bdsm relationships
Studio: Harmony Concepts
Starring: Amber Michaels, Sadie Belle, Stacy Burke, Jewell Marceau, Alex Foxe, Tanya Danielle, Autumn Woods, Karina Santos and Molly Matthews
Description: In untruth # 1, Jack is a very sleep deprived student at the Bondage Video Institute. He's been up the whole of night editing his final project (which shows Tanya, Autumn, Karina and Molly strictly tied and gagged); taken in the character of his foxy instructor Amber grades it, Jack daydreams of Amber in sundry stages of undress and bondage.
Story bdsm information # 2 features bondage blondes Sadie and Stacy. Stacy is a cat burglar, trying to bust into Jack and Sadie's expensive house. She's caught, hogtied, stripped, chloroformed (!!), and roughly tied again and again anal bdsm. Stacy almost convinces Sadie to let her go... moreover Jack chloroforms Sadie just in time, then binds both blondes to a claymore rack. Next are vignettes of stunning Jewel Marceau. She's bowed back, hair-tied, rope-gagged, then free male bdsm arched again. Jewell is unnatural into waist-cinching corsets, skintight pushup bras, and a pink sweater that shows away her very lush body. Last is Alex Foxe. She's dressed Banner manner... short skirts, pantyhose, heels and see through tops. She's tied in pattern too... elbows bound behind her back, that ebony bdsm mouth silenced with obtrusive gags. Want gorgeous women roped right to their limits, dressed and undressed in sexy street clothes and lingerie, stockings and skyscraper heels? Looking for chloroforming, confine. women stripped against their will, onscreen tying and gagging? Then BAN16 is ~ the sake of you.
gags bdsm

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gags bdsm

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