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Listen Up, Bieber: Selena Gomez Admits She’s Superficial

Well, let’s rephrase that. Selena Gomez admits that Hollywood is superficial, and since she’s like, the epitome of Hollywood right now, that means she’s superficial too, right?! She recently said:
“This is a very superficial job. I sit in a chair for two hours and get hair and makeup done and talk about [myself] in interviews. That’s a very vain thing to do.”
But what we love what you do, Selena! Oh, and PS, Selena also admits that, she’s not perfect…
She said:
“I’m human, I’m not perfect. I make mistakes all the time, but I guess my job is to keep those mistakes to myself, which I’m already fine doing and just try to be the best I can be for those kids.” OMG, we love her so much we don’t even know where to start.


Video: Selena Gomez Talks Justin Bieber, Britney Spears; Performs On ‘Good Morning America

Selena Gomez - Wireimage
With a little more than a week to go until the release of her third album, When The Sun Goes DownSelena Gomez and her band, The Scene, kicked the promo into high gear with a mini concert of songs new and older on ‘Good Morning America’ yesterday morning (June 17).
Dressed casually in jeans, sandals, and a summery top, Selena performed the set’s now-platinum first single, “Who Says,” along with its newest single, “Love You Like A Love Song,” for the first time on TV. She even took it back a bit with her hit “Naturally.”
Before the concert, she chatted with hosts about various topics like her recent health scare, recording a song co-written by Britney Spears, her love for Nicki Minaj, and, of course, the pressures of dating Justin Bieber.
See the mini concert and interview below:

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Kids, Selena Gomez is Proof That You Should Eat Your Veggies

Splash News
At first we heard that Selena Gomez‘shospitalization was due to being “malnourished,” but now Selena is saying her hospital stint was because of the opposite reason — eating too much of thewrong stuff. “The problem is I don’t eat right. I love everything that’s possibly not good for me,” Selena said.
Looks like someone hasn’t been eating her veggies, eh?! So what kind of food — other than Doritos, natch — does Selena snack on that she thinks added to her sickness?
Um, any and everything unhealthy, apparently! Selena said:
“[My mom is] definitely shoving vitamins down my mouth and following me around. I have to have creamed spinach or cheese on my broccoli. I have to have something that makes it not healthy. I love M&Ms, Kit Kats, Snickers and Goobers at the movies.”
Good to know Selena snacks just like we do! Do you think Selena’s snacking led her to the hospital? What’s your unhealthy snack of choice? Spill below

Miley Cyrus Joins Mitchel Musso On Stage During Concert At The Grove

Friends are awesome, right? They’re even more awesome when one has so much clout in the Pop world that they can help give you a huge boost when you need it. You could say this very thing happened for actor-turned-singer Mitchel Musso when his Hannah Montana co-star and best bud Miley Cyrus joined him on stage for a concert at The Grove in Los Angeles, California.
Mitchel is in the middle of some serious promo to support his brand new self-titled debut album that was released early last week. The album includes his first single Hey and has a sound that’s even tough for Mitchel himself to describe.
“As far as genres go for my music, I would have to make something up. It would be like an Electro/Dance/Rock kind of a sound,” Mitchel recently told Neon Limelight in a forthcoming exclusive interview. “It’s not that it’s different like it’s going to sound like some crazy music no ones ever heard before. It’s just adding my favorite style of music and making something that I enjoy.”

Selena Gomez’s Two Stunning Dresses at 2011 People’s Choice Awards

Despite her young age Selena Gomez has already developed a very good taste in clothing. I have never seen her wearing something ill-fitting or unflattering. She knows how to boost her assets and hide the problem areas (by the way, are there any???). To 2011 People’s Choice Awards Selena wore two stunning dresses.
selena gomez people's choice awards 2011
The dress Selena Gomez performed in was designed by Irina Shabayeva – a feminine butterfly-printed strapless piece. The singer accessorized it with Polki Allure Hoops by Isharya.
selena gomez people's choice awards 2011
For the red carpet of 2011 People’s Choice Awards Selena put on another perfect creation, this time by Paule Ka that looked brilliant with Giuseppe Zanotti pumps and Trésor earrings.
Which Selena Gomez’s dress do you like more?

Selena Gomez Drops “Love You Like a Song,” And We Love It Like A… We Don’t Know What

We’ve debuted tons of new Selena Gomezsongs in the last few weeks (like this one andthis one), but this one? It’s her official next single. It’s called “Love You Like a Song” and unlike “Who Says,” this one’s a total dance party tune that we can so see ourselves rockin’ out to in the mirror in our bedrooms. Not that we do that or anything. Nope.
And we think you’ll totally agree! Take a listen…
The song drops on iTunes with the rest of the album, “When the Sun Goes Down,” on June 28, and the music video comes out next week! Do you like this song? Which is your fave new Selena song so far? Tell us!

Blake Lively Styles Herself and Her Green Lantern Premiere Dress Proves She’s Good At It


We recently found out that Blake Lively is her own stylist – and for good reason. She picks out awesome RC dresses like this sheer, white Chanel Couture number she wore to the premiere of Green Lantern. Girl is a fashion genius. Who needs a stylist when you’ve got the fashion smarts, right?!
Click on to see the gorg pics!




Watch! Charice’s Justin Bieber Impression Is Just as Good As Her Voice

Sorry Miley Cyrus, but when it comes toimpersonating Justin BieberCharice wins the uh, purple hoodie. We are absolutely dying over how accurate Charice’s Biebs impression is, even with her cute little Philippines accent. The hair swoosh, the swag, that version of “Baby.” It’s perfection. But then again, would you expect anything less from the always-perfect Charice?
Watch now!
Just click on over to EW.com to watch the super cute vid!
Did you like Charice’s Bieber impression? Excited for her new album? Tell us here

Gillian Zinser: It's "A Shame" That Trevor Donovan Got Booted from 90210 (Exclusive Q+A)


Gillian Zinser may be best known for her role as Ivy on 90210, but this summer she’s headed to MTV with a new movie. And this time she’s majorly trading in the surf for the snow in The Truth Below, about a group of friends who get into a crazy scary accident while on spring break. And we caught up with Gillian who dished on the flick, working with a cast full of hotties, and why she’ll miss Trevor Donovan on 90210oh-so-much.
Click on to catch our exclusive Q+A with Gillian!
Teen: The Truth Below is a psychological thriller and that’s very different from 90210. How did you mentally prepare for this role?
GZ: Well, I think what attracted me to the character that I play in Jenna was the fact that kind of like Ivy, she’s also a guy’s girl, she’s a bit of a tomboy, and she’s pretty tough and protective of herself. But what was so interesting was finding all these layers that at the end of the day she’s an average, normal girl who has a crush on a boy.
Teen: Cool! There were some super intense scenes in the film. Which was the hardest to shoot?
GZ: The most challenging stuff to play was once we got into the car wreck and we were stuck in this confined space of shooting everything in this one vehicle. All that was just incredibly difficult because we’re only working with three feet of space to live in.
Teen: Right. And you snowboard a lot in the flick. Have you ever snowboarded or was that a totally new experience?
GZ: I used to snowboard quite a bit. Last time I was snowboarding I remember I was with my boyfriend and we got into an ugly accident, so I had honestly been afraid to get on the slopes for quite a while. It was wonderful to be able to with this movie.
Teen: Cool. Do you prefer the snow or would you rather be in the sand like on 90210?
GZ: Yes, I’m definitely much more of a beach bunny. I prefer the sun over the snow.
Teen: So, there’s some really scary things that happen on the vacation in the movie. Have you ever had a similar scary encounter?
GZ: I think I’m fortunate that I’ve never been in a car accident. I also know better than to smoke pot and drive. So, no, I’ve never put myself in that position before, but I think all of us actors learned a few lessons about survival and safety measures after shooting.
Teen: After the whole crash happens, you start to play that game True Confessions. Do you think games like that can tear apart friendships like it did in the movie?
GZ: That’s a good question. I think when you’re put into a situation where you’re really really forced to look at yourself honestly and question who you are and who you’ve been and the things you’ve done and if you’ve regret having done, the relationships you’ve made and the things that maybe you’ve never got to do in life, when you really look at all those things, of course it’s going to bring out a lot of dark colors.
Teen: Right. So we need to ask. What was it like working with a bunch of hot guys on set? You’re the only girl in the cast…
GZ: Yeah, that was definitely part of the attraction of this film for me; to find a way to hold my weight as the only female in a cast of an all male ensemble. That was challenging but really, really fun as well. Not only were Reid, Ricky and Nick just wonderful to work with, the characters that we all played were all so so so different and I never really noticed the fact that I was the only girl on set.
Teen: Okay, so let’s do some cast superlatives. We wanna know…who was the most likely to mess up their lines?
GZ: I’d go with Reid!
Teen: Who would you say pulled the best pranks on set?
GZ: I’m gonna go with Ricky.
Teen: Who has the best abs?
GZ: Best abs? Definitely Nick!
Teen: The best smile?
GZ: Uh, Ricky.
Teen: Who would you say was the most serious?
GZ: I don’t think that applies to any of us cause we were lucky to have been blessed as a really, really comedic, light-hearted crew of actors. The script and the context of what we were shooting with was serious enough, but when there was a chance to lighten things up we had no choice but to keep ourselves sane with comedic advances.
Teen: Let’s talk 90210 for a sec. How do you feel about Trevor Donovan not coming back next season?
GZ: Trevor is one of the most fun, lovely human beings I’ve met in Los Angeles and he’s a dear friend of mine and we’re both new [to LA}. I think we moved at the same time, so we had a special connection. Not working with him will definitely change the dynamic of the set a lot for me.
Teen: But now they're cutting out the show's only gay character/storyline!
GZ: I know! I personally wouldn’t have cut him out myself, so I’m not sure. I think Trevor did a really great job at bringing important conversations and with the show this year and his identity crisis and coming into a more truthful self. I think he had a lot of beautiful response from fans who needed to watch somebody go through that in order to kind of be more comfortable with answering those questions in their own life and Trevor did so wonderfully and it’s a shame to cut that storyline short.
Teen: Yeah definitely. We agree, it will be hard to see him go. So, what are your summer plans this year?
GZ: I start shooting in four weeks so my summer is kind of cut off. I spent my hiatus filming three other projects and my family’s celebrating my dad’s birthday by… we’re gonna be sailing around Greece and surfing so that’s how I’m gonna be ending my summer.
Teen: Have you ever had a really memorable vacay, in the sun or the snow?
GZ: I’d have to say my freshman year of college, my best guy friend and I decided to go down and spend the month in Costa Rica learning how to surf and that’s when I first started surfing. Just to be alone with your best friend in a completely foreign place taking Spanish and surfing [is cool.] Costa Rica’s insanely gorgeous and the balmy weather – it was completely unforgettable.
Teen: Cool. Well, we can’t wait for the new season of 90210.
GZ: I’m excited, too! Hopefully it will be a lot more sunshine and less drama!
Teen: Yeah, definitely, but probably not, right?
GZ: I’m always after boys who don’t want me, I’ll tell you that much!
Us too, Gillian. Us too. The Truth Below premieres on MTV tomorrow, June 16 at 10/9c! Will you be tuning in? Are you excited for the new season of 90210? How do you feel about Trevor not coming back next season? Tell us in the comments!

Twitter Chatter: The Best Celebrity Twit Pics of the Week

Yet again this week’s collection of Twit picsproved that celebs’ lives are 8 million times more awesome than ours. But thank goodness for Twitter, because otherwise we’d have no idea just how amazing the lifestyle ofSelena GomezBella ThorneLucy Hale and more stars really are, right? Silver lining, guys. Silver lining.
Click on for this week’s cutest and best celebrity Twit pics!

@selenagomez The first time to be with @itsmeleighton and @frankenteen together since filming. I love them so much.#montecarlo

@bellathorne143 I love @RADIODISNEY

@lucyyhale Me and @IANMHARDING "get excited PLL is on!!" faces

@ladygaga @mistergogocr thank you for the sweet gift you gave me outside l'hotel, bisous to all mes petites!

@victoriajustice Here's a behind the scenes picture of @arianagrande & I at the #ipartywithvictorious premiere :{)

@ashbenzo Bond. James Bond

@zendaya96 mmmmmm chocolate cake!!

@mark_salling Ladies and gentlemen, behold the cutest rock n roll tour baby ever... Talula!!!!

@chloebridges Outside with the full moon & live music from @leblorr, @thehundredinthe, & @edwardsharpe. Set our spirits freeee

@katyperry Good morning from Kitty Purry!

@mirandacosgrove Me and Ariana <3

@msrebeccablack Had SO much fun at Disneyland today with my friend Meagan! #summervacation2011 :D

@joejonas Chilling with some awesome fans who are coming to the show tomorrow!

@whitneyeveport The perfect accessory for this summer heat on Nat Iced Tea Day- @snapple ! How are you celebrating? #partner

iCarly Who? Miranda Cosgrove is All Grown Up (Pic)


Wow, can you say fashionista? Miranda Cosgrove looks like a working model onELLE.com, showing off the newest designs from Theory.
Prediction: She’s basically the new Blake Lively. The 18-year-old Nick star looked both chic and mature with her blunt bangs, sunhat and mini-skirt. But we do have one question: Why is she wearing a fur coat on the beach?
What do you think of Miranda’s new look? Shout out in the comments!

Top 5 Glee Characters We'd Like to See More Of! Who Tops Your List?

We know that there are more characters on Glee than there are shades of paint at Home Depot, so it can be hard to give them all adequate screen time. But some of those minor characters are just too awesome for the short shrift that they’re getting. Here are our top five picks for the characters we’d like to see more of in Glee Season 3. Be sure to let us know if you agree!

Photo Credit: FOX ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co.
We can't get enough (from left) Sunshine, Jacob, Burt, Beiste and (center) BLAINE!

5. Coach Beiste (Dot Marie Jones)
It’s totally not fair that we only get to see this awesome woman during the too-short football season. That just means we have to appreciate Coach Beiste while we have her. We know that Sue said she’d start being nice to glee club in Season 3, but there’s no chance of that détente extending to Beiste as well, right? Didn’t think so!

4. Sunshine Corazon (Charice)
We were so excited that Charice would be joining the cast — and then she was barely on the show at all this year! Why did she have to get relegated to Vocal Adrenaline? Let’s get her back in McKinley already! It wouldn’t be so bad if she hadn’t sung a couple songs this season, so we now know what we’re missing! (Come to think of it, that’s also how we feel about Girl Scout cookie season.)

3. Jacob Ben Israel (Josh Sussman)
Sure, too much Jacob could start to get annoying, but the crazy blogger is typically hilarious. We’d love him to pop in for a killer line or two each episode. And wouldn’t it be awesome to see the guy in a relationship? IfLauren can tame Puck, why not let Quinn see Jacob’s inner beauty? Crazier things have happened. (Okay, crazier things haven’t happened, but it’s never too late for them to start!)

2. Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley)
There are a number of dads we’d love to see more of, like Karofsky’s dad, for example. But in a dad-off, Burt Hummel is always going to take the cake. We get just enough of him to fall in love with him and want to see him more often! Would it kill the producers to give him a song in Season 3? Just sayin’…

1. Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss)
Was there really any mystery as to which minor character we want more of? Blaine is one of the biggest reasons why we loved Season 2 so much, but there were several episodes toward the end of the season when Blaine was inexplicably MIA. That’s just unacceptable! An episode without Blaine is like Buffalo wings without blue cheese dressing; sure, you can still eat them, but what’s the point?

Chris Colfer Plots Kurt-Blaine Storyline for Glee Season 3

Photo Credit: Splash News
Practicing for the cover of Vogue, Chris?
Glee star Chris Colfer(Kurt)  is going to get a lot of Emmy buzz again this year, but there’s something elsethe award-winning actor is angling for in the fall — and it has to do with the show’s upcoming third season.

“I’m campaigning madly for one storyline in particular,” he toldTVLine’s Michael Ausiello while on the road for Glee Live.  When pressed for more details, the only tidbit he’d reveal was that it involved Kurt's boyfriend Blaine(Darren Criss).

So what do you think it could be, Gleeks? Speculate in the comments below!

Source: TVLine

Mega Spoiler Roundup: Season 4 and 2012!

Photo Credit: ABC Family
Grace doesn't look too happy in her video chat. Are all the bugs and craziness of Zimbabwe finally getting to her?
The Season 4 premiere of Secret Life of The American Teenager brought the drama and tears, and brought them hard. Oh, and it also brought some major hunger pangs (those churros looked tasty!). We’re in for even more dramz later this season — including a possible marriage and a definite divorce! Oh, Secret Life.

If you want a sneak peak at the new Season 4 deets, check out Wetpaint’s super spoiler roundup!

Episode 4.2 “Another One Closes”

Do you guys miss Grace? Monday night’s Secret Life episode just wasn’t the same without her pretty blond hair and perky smile. Come back to us, Cookie!

Unfortch, Grace doesn’t return from Zimbabwe for another couple weeks, but she’ll visit the Secret Life gang through video chat. OMG, amazeballs! Who do you think Grace will hit up — Adrian? Grant? Grant’s “fat” girlfriend? The possibilities are endless.

Episode 4.3: “Young At Heart”

Season 4 of Secret Life is shaping up to be a total dramathon! Nora tells Ricky that neither of them are cut out for married life, so this must mean that Mrs. Underwood won’t be walking down the aisle with her gal pal any time soon! Dang, we were really looking forward to another awkward wedding montage....

Nora also warns Ricky that Amy won’t want to live with him if marriage isn’t a future option. Well, duh. Everyone knows that girl is desperate to put a ring on it. The real question is, will Ricky agree with his mom, or prove her wrong?

Meanwhile, for those of you wondering whether Ben and Adrian will last — bad news. Looks like the sausage royals won’t even make it halfway through the season. Ben realizes that he wants a divorce from his wifey (shocker), but can’t bring himself to tell Adrian his true feelings.

Episode 4.4: “One Foot Out the Door”

We already spoiled the fact that Amy and Ricky take their adorable son to the E.R next season, but why exactly are they going? Rumor has it that the results of John’s hospital visit are surprising — and not in a good way!After John’s check up, the E.R docs tell Ricky and Amy some interesting news, and whatever it is makes them look like bad renties. No way!

Over in Sausage City, Ben and Leo are totally bonding over their mutual hatred of married life, so you’d think Leo would support the sausage prince’s decision to get a divorce, right? Apparently not. Leo thinks Ben should stick it out with Adrian, even though he’s unhappy in love. What gives?

Episode 4.7: “Cute”

So, apparently hanging out in Zimbabwe makes chicks want to cheat on their boyfriends, because when Grace comes back stateside, she’s macking on a hunky man ... and his name ain’t Grant. For shame!

Grace’s new boy toy is hardly a boy at all — he’s a college man! We’re happy for The Cookie Monster, but this Daniel kid might be a bit out of her league. While partaking in an innocent makeout sesh, Grace and Dan get an unwelcome visit from his neighbors and Grace feels left out because she has a curfew and they don’t.


Photo Credit: ABC Family
After all these two have been through, it's a little nice to see them share what looks like a smile together.
Secret Life’s fourth season has barely started and we already have spoilers from next year! Get this: ASecret Life marriage will be dunzo by the end of the season because the hubby has a new girlfriend and the wife is going off to college. Duh, who else could that be but Ben and Adrian, right?

Hella wrong! We’ve just learned that the couple in question isn’t Badrian, so who is it? No other Secret Life teens are married, so another dynamic duo must be heading to the alter! The mystery wife in question hires a divorce attorney and the attorney snaps a pic of the ex-hubby with his new lady love at high school graduation! No Em Gee!

Speaking of graduation, the Secret Life teens’ pomp will be full of all kinds of crizazy circumstances. Jack and Ricky turn Grant High’s graduation into a rad-uation when they both have the opportunity to give speeches to their class. Wait, don’t valedictorians usually speak? We know Ricky is supposed to be smart, but really? What does he have to talk about other than how to get ladies knocked up?

This should be interesting....
Flashback Friday Video! Amanda Bynes Seduces Penn Badgley on What I Like About You
In 2002, Penn made an appearance as a blabbermouth co-worker of Amanda Bynes on her then WB show, What I Like About You. It would be 5 years before he broke out as Gossip Girl's Dan on the same network, but damned if this clip didn't serve as inspiration for what would later be Nate Archibald's signature 'do.
Video Credit: YouTube

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