Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Local Louisville Woman goes on robbery spree…8 places in three days

Local Louisville Woman goes on robbery spree…8 places in three days
You ever had one of those days? 
From WLKY, ((Louisville Metro Police arrested a woman Monday night in connection with eight robberies in the area.))
Why did she need to rob so many stores within three days?  The more stores a person robs, the better patterns and clues detectives have to track you down.  However, it appears she was caught while robbing a restaurant. 
From WLKY, ((Monday evening, police said Cottrell robbed the Shoney's restaurant in the 6500 block of Signature Drive. It was at this robbery that employees followed Cottrell out of the restaurant and pointed her out to officers arriving on the scene, police said.))
Here is a list of the places she robbed.
Hibachi Sushi Buffet : I guess she wanted some sushi before her long day of robbery.
Dixie Bowl : I had to look this one up. As a rule, I try to stay away from the Dixie area. It is called a cocktail bar. From the review on Google Maps, she's lucky someone didn't attack her instead.
White Castle : Uh, she was probably doing the place a flavor by robbing it. What is with all these WC being robbed? Keep in mind my of them do have that Network Security System.
Thornton's : Again, you don't want to piss off the lottary ticket buyers or the a-holes that want a box of Marlboro Lights.
Long John Silver's : Great, a theft stealing from pirates.
Frisch's Restaurant :
El Nopal : El-arrested
Shoney's : Is that the place from the movie “Waiting”?
Oh, and the story gets even better. She has a Facebook...
There is a strange posting where her hubby signed on her FB and posted update around the time she was finishing up her first robbery. There is a telling reaction from one of her friends too.

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